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About Us

Dr. Alok Patel

Dr Alok Patel, been in exclusive Pediatric Dental Practice since the last 25 years in the city of Pune and has held the post of Professor and Department head of the department of Pediatric and Preventive dentistry at Bharati Vidyapeeth's Dental College and hospital also for 25 years where he has been teaching the 3rd & Final B.D.S. students as well as post graduate students.

He has received numerous awards and accolades in his career from professional organizations as well as from the community. He has multiple publications to his credit in several national and international journals. It is important to note that as a student he had achieved the highest marks individually in the subjects of Pediatric Dentistry ( the area of his expertise ) and also in the subject of Periodontology and further secured the highest overall position and marks in the University and was awarded the outstanding student award by the International College of Dentists.

His primary research area was Lasers in Dentistry which he had the good fortune of doing it at the prestigious BARC ( Bhabha Atomic Research Centre ). He is a Key Opinion Leader for the innovative giant 3M.

Over the years apart from successfully managing dental treatment and ensuring high standards of oral health for thousands of young children some as young as 6 to 8 months old with a simple and conservative approach , Dr Alok Patel is also adept at giving good dental treatment and oral health training to the special child and their parents. Further he has been treating children that belong to the Autism spectrum and the PDD group for more than two decades in a simple and efficient manner involving parental training and motivation.

He is an active Rotarian being associated with the Rotary Club of Khadki for the past 16 years. He was instrumental in mooting an unique project in the centennial year of Rotary which is a partnership between Rotary club of Khadki and Bharati Vidyapeeth Dental College and Hospital to ensure oral hygiene and good oral health status in children that belong to the low socio economic status. Over the last decade more than 20,000 orphans and children belonging to the low socio economic strata have been guided in improving their oral health and received dental treatment under the aegis of this unique project.

DR ALOK PATEL was the President of the Rotary club of Khadki in 2014-15 wherein he was instrumental in starting another unique project. Having worked closely with individuals that belong to the autism spectrum , he was desirous to improve community awareness and sensitize them to the unique situation and requirements of individuals that belong to the spectrum . To assist SAAD an organization which works with this group in delivering improved care and training as well as support to parents of Autistic individuals was an additional goal. The fund raisers subsequently carried out and a CSR ( Corporate Social Responsibility )partnership with the TATA group has paved the path to ARC ( Autism Research and Training Centre ) that shall come up shortly near Pune at Purandhar. Dr Alok Patel is the chairman of this project.

Dr Alok Patel was also a member of YI ( Young Indians ) which is a part of CII ( Confederate of Indian Industries ).He was the Chair for the Health and Education Verticals and was associated with several projects for education as well as health aspects of school children and orphanages. He was also co chair and subsequently played a role of mentor to the newer members.

Dr Alok Patel and Dr Mrs Rupal Patel have developed their clinic over the past two and a half decades to deliver comprehensive dental care to the pediatric dental patient in a safe , simple and as non invasive a manner as possible.

Dr Rupal Patel

Dr Rupal Patel has been associated with the Pediatric Dental Care Centre for the past 23 years exlusively dealing with the dental issues of the child dental patient.

She is adept and an expert at managing all dental problems of the child and adolescent including preventive dentistry , trauma management and total Oral rehabilitation in children with severe decay. The aim of working towards a caries ( decay ) free generation is at the core of all her treatment endeavours.

Dr Rupal Patel has been actively involved with the INNER WHEEL of KHADKI to bring her expertise to help in solving community issues and work towards the upliftment of the society as a whole. She had the honour of being the President of this prestigious club in the year 2017- 18 under the aegis of which she was instrumental in carrying out several oral health camps for orphans as well as the low socioeconomic sector and also helped towards bringing higher education access to the girl child from the lower socioeconomic economic strata. This particular project has been much appreciated by the community.

Our Mission

To work towards a caries (decay) free India.